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Remove hashchange event from Angular, or prevent Angular from rewriting anchor links

We have a project which uses Angular, but only for the UI binding/AJAX aspect of it, not for any sort of routing or SPA functionality.

We want to be able to use anchor links (

) in articles we write within the CMS we have chosen, as well as use anchor links from other pages (
), but Angular rewrites these to
, which breaks the anchor links that the CMS sets up.

It is not possible to augment the CMS to modify how anchor links are handled.

Is it possible to either:

  1. Remove the
    event binding from within Angular? I see that this event is attached to in the source file
    where it handles some of the routing and link rewriting, but it's inside of a closure so it cannot be accessed directly (and we are linking to Angular from a CDN so it is not possible to modify the Angular source, plus we don't want to have to maintain our own "custom" Angular source).

  2. Set an option or call a configuration method which ultimately disables the entire routing aspect of Angular and prevents it from rewriting any sort of links? (Or, is there a way to not include this portion of Angular, but still retain the controller/UI binding/AJAX functionality?)

Note that I have already tried this:


However it renders all other links on the site inoperable because all links are passed through Angular for processing. So if I link to the homepage (
<a href="/">Home</a>
) and click the link with
on, the link does nothing.

Answer Source

As somewhat of a workaround (and certainly not best practice), I ended up modifying the Angular source in order to remove the URL rewriting.

I made a few changes, but I believe the one that caused anchor links to work again was adding a return; statement on Line 844 of location.js in the Angular source:


This short-circuits around much of the URL rewriting functionality.

I also completely removed Lines 262-264 of browser.js, which removes Angular's hook on the hashchange event:


This didn't seem to affect any of the binding features of Angular, but it did cause anchor links to start working again.

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