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Javascript Question

Remap properties name and values using lodash

I have this array:

aItems = [{
"PropertyA": "apple",
"PropertyB": "banana",
"PropertyC": "dog",
"PropertyD": "hotdog",
"PropertyE": "coldcat",
"PropertyF": "Y",
"PropertyG": "N"
"PropertyA": "this",
"PropertyB": "is",
"PropertyC": "json",
"PropertyD": "code",
"PropertyE": "wow",
"PropertyF": "N",
"PropertyG": "N"

I would like use lodash to obtain this result:

aItems = [{
"propertyA": "apple",
"propertyB": "banana",
"propertyC": "dog",
"propertyD": "hotdog",
"propertyE": "coldcat",
"propertyNEW": true,
"propertyG": false
"propertyA": "this",
"propertyB": "is",
"propertyC": "json",
"propertyD": "code",
"propertyE": "wow",
"propertyNEW": false,
"propertyG": false

I want map each property name with other names and change the value for some specific properties.
Can I do it using lodash?

Answer Source

Create a mapping of old and new keys, like this

var keyMapping = {'PropertyA': 'propertyA', ..., 'PropertyF': 'propertyNEW'}

and also a mapping of old and new values, like this

var valueMapping = {'Y': true, 'F': false}

And then using and _.transform, you can transform the object, like this

var result =, function(currentObject) {
    return _.transform(currentObject, function(result, value, key) {
        if (key === 'PropertyF' || key === 'PropertyG') {
            value = valueMapping(value);
        result[keyMapping[key]] = value;
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