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How do I first capture and then set scrollbar's position?

I have a program that stores data. A form creates a panel with read only text boxes for each result found in my database query. The Form has autoscroll set to True. When the user clicks on a specific record's update button another form opens to handle the update. The first form then clears all controls and redraws them to reflect the update. My Problem: The redrawn form's scrollbar is always at the top. I want the scrollbar to scroll back to its position before the update. Please help.

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You can read and set Form.HorizontalScroll.Value and Form.VerticalScroll.Value.
You can also check Form.HorizontalScroll.Visible, but the .value is 0 if it is not visible, so this should be irrelevant.

Don't go over the maximum when recalling, e.g.
frm.HorizontalScroll.Value = Math.Min(SavedValueH, frm.HorizontalScroll.Maximum)

However, Winforms has some problems when the scrollvalue is set through code, see answers to this question.

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