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KendoWindow can close when its first opened, but not when its open a second time

I have some weird issue going on and I been trying to fix it over the last couple hours and have looked for answers on this but the only thing I find is the opposite. I have a Kendo Window that will close on my button click the first time that it is opened, but when I reopen the window my button click won't close it down. Everywhere I have looked people have the opposite issue.
Here is my code for the window

function CustomerPopupEditor() {
$("#showCustomerEdit").append("<div id='window'></div>");
var myWindow = $("#window").kendoWindow({
width: "80%",
height: "47%",
title: "Customer",
content: "/Customer/CustomerEditor",
modal: true,
actions: [
close: function (e) {

here is my kendo toolbar that opens the window

template: "<button type='button' onClick='CustomerPopupEditor()' class='btn btn-warning'><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-edit'></span> Edit</button> &nbsp"

and here is my code that I use to close the window when I click save

function CloseTheWindow() {

So for the life of me, I do not understand why I can get it to close on the first time it gets opened and not the second time that its opened.

Answer Source

You should use $("#window").data("kendoWindow").destroy(); instead of $("#window").empty(); This way kendo widget is destroyd. Otherwise, you just clean only html element.

Refer to how Destroy Widgets

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