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python rfc3161 verification failed but openssl verification is ok

I am trying to get my content timestamped so I know when it was changed. First I used a shell script but I want to implement it in my python program. the shell script works fine for now but I can't get the python version to work for me.
This is the working shell version

openssl ts -query -data "$in_file" -sha1 -cert | curl -o "$out_file" -sSH 'Content-Type: application/timestamp-query' --data-binary @- "$ts_server"
openssl ts -verify -data "$in_file" -in "$out_file" -CAfile "/usr/lib/ssl/certs/Certum_Trusted_Network_CA.pem"
openssl ts -reply -in "$out_file" -text

I tried to mimic this with rfc3161 package but the verification is not going as expected. This is the python code

import rfc3161

cert = file('/usr/lib/ssl/certs/Certum_Trusted_Network_CA.pem').read()
rt = rfc3161.RemoteTimestamper('', certificate=cert)
data_to_sign = file('test_content').read()
print rt.timestamp(data=data_to_sign)
>>> (False, 'Bad signature')

I don't know what is wrong since both scripts should do the same thing. Can somebody give me a clue on what is wrong with the python version?

Answer Source

The problem lies in the library rfc3161 that I used. It seems like the author does not include check for TSA authority certificate so I had to make a change to the library.

The changed code is in in check_timestamp function. You have to change the code block for certificate loading with this one:

if certificate != "":
        certificate = X509.load_cert_der_string(encoder.encode(signed_data['certificates'][0][0]))
        raise AttributeError("missing certificate")
        certificate = X509.load_cert_string(certificate)
        certificate = X509.load_cert_der_string(certificate)

Now the verification is working as expected.

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