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C# Question

Check if a list of integers increments by one

Is there a way, with LINQ, to check if a list of integers are "sequential" - ie 1,2,3,4,5 or 14,15,16,17,18?

Answer Source

You could do this via Enumerable.Zip:

bool sequential = values.Zip(values.Skip(1), (a,b) => (a+1) == b).All(x => x);

This works by taking each pair of values, and checking to see if the second is 1 more than the first, and returning booleans. If all pairs fit the criteria, the values are sequential.

Given that this is a list of integers, you can do this slightly more efficiently using:

bool sequential = values.Skip(1).Select((v,i) => v == (values[i]+1)).All(v => v);

This will only work on sequences which can be accessed by index. Note that we use values[i], not values[i-1], as the Skip call effectively shifts the indices.

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