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Javascript Question

Using lodash to return an array of unique values while removing non unique

I'm trying to return the survey the visitor hasn't voted on, by survey_id. Using the example arrays below, I would expect survey_id: 4 to be returned.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?

Here are my example arrays:

// Survey Object
survey_id: 1,
name: 'Survey 1",
question: "This is a survey question"
}, {
survey_id: 2,
name: 'Survey 2",
question: "This is a another survey question"
}, {
survey_id: 3,
name: 'Survey 3",
question: "This is a another 3 survey question"
}, {
survey_id: 4,
name: 'Survey 4",
question: "This is a another 4 survey question"

// Votes
vote_id: 11,
visitor_token: "aDe4GggAe3",
survey_id: 1
}, {
vote_id: 12,
visitor_token: "aDe4GggAe3",
survey_id: 2
}, {
vote_id: 13,
visitor_token: "aDe4GggAe3",
survey_id: 3

Answer Source

You could use a combination of _.filter and _.find to apply a filter function to your survey collection, which filters out surveys when matching survey_id is found in votes collection. See this sample getUnansweredSurveys function:

function getUnansweredSurveys(surveys, votes) { 
  return _.filter(surveys, function(survey) { 
    return !_.find(votes, {survey_id: survey.survey_id})
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