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OctoberCMS : Backend page not found

I have two controllers in my backend, and both works on environnement.

But on production, both returns 404. I don't understand what is the problem. The navbar menu is displayed, the database is setup, and the components are workings.

The url is

. On dev, working, and on prod.: 404.

Note : the backend url is "backend" (default).

The source code of my plugin is avaible here : https://github.com/FelixINX/ExoticProducts

Answer Source

My guess is that it has to do with the fact that your repo is named in CamelCase, and probably you cloned it exactly like that to the production server. However, October plugin and author namespace directories should always be completely in lower-case, i.e. plugins/devinx/exoticproducts and not plugins/devinx/ExoticProducts or plugins/DevINX/exoticproducts.

Maybe if your dev server runs in a Windows environment you have not noticed this before, since Windows does not differentiate between lower- and uppercase file and directory names.

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