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Is there a jQuery equivalent of the Dojo mouseIndicator?

I am trying to add some functionality to a graph that shows the rise and fall of a terrain profile. I want something similar to the mouseIndicator used in Dojo Charts ( that has a line that follows the cursor as it moves over certain points in the graph and displays data specific to that point (in this case the elevation).Note: the above link is just an example that came up in a search, not my fiddle code. The application on which I am working uses Knockout JS library for databinding and jQueury and it may be difficult to try and apply the Dojo library just for this single function. I am trying to find something similar to use from the jQuery library, but I am not seeing anything currently. I have looked at Flot, but is there something generic from jQuery that would work? Any suggestions?

function(Chart, MouseIndicator) {};

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After some research, I realized there is, infact, a great tool called jQuery Flot which has much of the same functionality as Dojo. Here is a link to the API documentation: FLOT API on Github. Note that not all of the plugins come with the standard download. For example, flot.tooltips has to be integrated as a separate plugin. Simply using $npm install flot (if you choose to install it that way) will only give you the standard package. Hope this helps for anyone looking for jQuery alternatives to Dojo.