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PHP Question

Is it possible to add if statements when calling objects obj->sub1({if(foo==true) return foo; else return bar})?

I'm trying to create an

statement inside
object, while typing its params.

My need is like that:


This itself isn't too bad, but I need to change
for something else (to be precise "brak" ("none" in polish) ).

Making lots of cases doesn't seem like good idea in that situation (it would be ton of that, and its not proper way to do that, I guess).

I know I could in theory prepare if for each optional arg before
, but I'm looking for alternatives.

I tried googling,

I tried doing random-ish things (sometimes stuff just works but not in this case), like

$soap->add($name,$something,$foo,{if($enabled==true) $optarg else "brak"})

$soap->add($name,$something,$foo,{if($enabled==true) return $optarg else return "brak"})

$soap->add($name,$something,$foo,if($enabled==true) $optarg else "brak")

everything was throwing errors, so I gave up.

Answer Source

You are looking for the ternary operator:

$soap->add($name, $something, $foo, $enabled==true ? $optarg : "brak");

or in this specific case:

$soap->add($name, $something, $foo, $enabled ? $optarg : "brak");
                                    ^^^^^^^^ evaluated / cast to boolean

It takes 3 arguments and returns the second argument if the first evaluates to true and the third if the first argument evaluates to false.

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