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C# Question

Windows Phone 8 Pesapal integration with WebBrowser control

My app fetchers selling digital goods and I don't want to use in-app purchases for this purpose instead I would like to
use pesapal integration with the help of a

WebBrowser control
. I have checked the store policies regarding this as well as the
WebBrowser control
security best practices for Windows Phone 8
but now confused since I am not still sure if it is legal and will my app be
rejected if I integrate payment using a
WebBrowser control
. ? Any help is appriciated...

Answer Source

Based on your description, we know you want to sell digital goods in your app. According to the Windows Store Policies 10.8 Financial Transactions, we can know that you could need to use the Microsoft in-app purchase API to sell digital items or services that are consumed or used within your app.

You could need to use a secure third party purchase API for purchase of physical goods or services, real world gambling or charitable contributions.

Please note only the tester can pass/fail an app.

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