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Bash Question

why questionmark comes in the end of filename when i create .txt file through shell script?

I am writing one shell script in which I am supposed to create 1 text file. When I do this, a question mark comes at the end of file name. what is the reason?

I am trying below methods in bash script.


grep ERROR a1* > text.txt

touch text.txt

In both the methods, instead of
, there is a file generated as

what should I do to overcome this?

Answer Source

Sounds like you script uses \r\n as line endings, this is typical DOS style line endings. Unix like systems uses \n. You should try to remove the line feeds, eg with your favorite text editor:

vim +'set ff=unix | x' my_script

Or with dos2unix:

dos2unix my_script

Or sed:

sed -i 's/\r$//' my_script
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