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What does this mean in Bootstrap 3 docs?

In this page on the Bootstrap 3 documentation regarding the grid system (in the grid options table):

It says the following:
Grid behaviour: Horizontal at all times, Collapsed to start, horizontal above breakpoints

Can someone please explain what this means, perhaps even with an example?


Answer Source
  • "Horizontal at all times" is for extra small column (.col-xs) : it means even with small screen (on phone for example) the columns will always by horizontal.
  • "Collapsed to start, horizontal above breakpoints" is for small (sm), medium (md) and large (lg) column : it means that the columns will be horizontal if the screen is large enougth. But if the screen is smaller than a pre-define "breakpoint" the columns becomes vertical.

You can try it on the examples in the documentation (on your link) by reducing your browser width.

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