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Can't even get a UITableView to show

I'm starting to learn to program and I'm already getting a really annoying problem. When I follow, step by step, the Apple Developer guide "Start Developing iOS Apps Today" and I add a UITableViewController (even if it's the only view controller in the project) and I set it as the initial ViewController, I run the app to check if it works and I can't get the table view to show, all I see is a blank static background.

It doesn't matter what kind of cell I use, the table view doesn't appear.

What am I doing wrong?

Xcode 5.1, target: iOS 7.1

Answer Source

How to get UItableView to show

  • Drag a UITableViewController to the storyboard
  • Give your prototype cell an Identifier (e.g "cell")
  • Create a Objective-C class file that inherits from the UITableViewController Class.
  • Assign that class to the ViewController you dragged
  • Return at least one section
  • Return at least one row per section
  • Set a text for the cell in cellAtRowIndex

I created a DEMO PROJECT for you, see how I did things over there.

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