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Java Question

too long line in manifest file while trying to create jar

I am getting a too long line error while trying to build a jar. the long line in the manifest file is the Class-Path line as the application uses a lot of third-party libraries. needless to say, I am using Windows :-( and Eclipse Java 1.6

I tried Class-Path: lib or Class-Path: lib/ but they did not work.

Answer Source

The classpath is too long due to the number of jar files in it. «No line may be longer than 72 bytes (not characters), in its UTF8-encoded form.» [from docs: java 5, java 8; «Line length» section].

use as the following way to resolve the problem:

(1) use separate lines, to avoid too long a line for java package name lists

(2) type a preceding space before each folloing lines, for example:

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