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Binding a SortedList as a Data Source to my DataGridView

Good day,

I've got a class where I calculate mortgage payments for every single month. In this class, I have a data structure where I store the properties of each mortgage payment, which are calculated in a loop. I then have SortedList where I store every mortgage payment. In the class, I have got a function that returns this SortedList.

In my user interface I call the function that returns the SortedList and bind it to a DataSource. I set this DataSource to a DataGridView, but when I execute the program, the DataGridView only displays blank rows with no values.

This is my classs (called Amortization)

And after the End Function is my calling of the function

Public Function GetMonthlyPaymentDetails() As SortedList(Of Integer, MonthlyPeriod)
Dim counter As Integer = 1

Period.PaymentDate = Today
Period.CumulativeInterest = 0
Period.EndingBalance = Principal
Period.ScheduledPayment = ComputeScheduledPayment()

Period.BeginningBalance = Period.EndingBalance
Period.Interest = GetInterestPerPayment(Period.BeginningBalance)
Period.Principal = GetPrincipalPerPayment(Period.ScheduledPayment, Period.Interest)
Period.EndingBalance = GetEndingBalance(Period.BeginningBalance, Period.Principal)
Period.CumulativeInterest = AccumilateInterest(Period.CumulativeInterest, Period.Interest)
'ArrayPeriod(counter) = Period
ArrayPeriod.Add(counter, Period)
counter += 1
'Loop Until Period.EndingBalance = 0
Loop Until counter = 240
Return ArrayPeriod
End Function

How function is called

Dim ABindingSource As New BindingSource
ABindingSource.DataSource = a.ArrayPeriod
AmortizationGrid.DataSource = ABindingSource

Answer Source

A SortedList is not a suitable data source for a DataGridView. Each item in the list is a KeyValuePair, so the grid can only show String representations of the Key and the Value. If you expect to see the properties of the MonthlyPeriod objects then you must bind a list of MonthlyPeriod objects. You could get that from the Values property of the SortedList.

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