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Calculate the execution time of a method

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How do I measure how long a function is running?

I have an I/O time-taking method which copies data from a location to another. What's the best and most real way of calculating the execution time?
? Any other solution? I want the most exact one, and briefest as much as possible.

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Stopwatch is designed for this purpose and is one of the best way to measure time execution in .NET.

var watch = System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch.StartNew();
// the code that you want to measure comes here
var elapsedMs = watch.ElapsedMilliseconds;

Do not use DateTimes to measure time execution in .NET.


As pointed out by @series0ne in the comments section if you want a real precise measurement of the execution of some code you will have to use the performance counters that's built into the operating system. The following answer contains a nice overview.