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jQuery Question

Check file type when form submit?

I have the form having the follwing fields,

<form onsubmit="return checkcreateform()" action="/gallery/create" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<label for="type-1">
<input type="radio" checked="checked" value="1" id="type-1" name="type">Image
<label for="type-2">
<input type="radio" value="2" id="type-2" name="type">Video
<label class="itemdetailfloatL required" for="file">File:*</label>
<input type="hidden" id="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="8388608" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE">
<input type="file" tabindex="5" class="text-size text" id="file" name="file">
<input type="submit" value="Create" id="submit" name="submit">

I want to validate before form submit. Here how can i validate if user select type as Image and upload video or select type as video and upload image ?

We can achieve this by javascript or jquery.Any quick way to validate this ?

Kindly help me on this.

Answer Source

Instead of using onsubmit, use jQuery's submit handler, and validate using some javascript like the following:

function getExtension(filename) {
    var parts = filename.split('.');
    return parts[parts.length - 1];

function isImage(filename) {
    var ext = getExtension(filename);
    switch (ext.toLowerCase()) {
    case 'jpg':
    case 'gif':
    case 'bmp':
    case 'png':
        return true;
    return false;

function isVideo(filename) {
    var ext = getExtension(filename);
    switch (ext.toLowerCase()) {
    case 'm4v':
    case 'avi':
    case 'mpg':
    case 'mp4':
        // etc
        return true;
    return false;

$(function() {
    $('form').submit(function() {
        function failValidation(msg) {
            alert(msg); // just an alert for now but you can spice this up later
            return false;

        var file = $('#file');
        var imageChosen = $('#type-1').is(':checked');
        if (imageChosen && !isImage(file.val())) {
            return failValidation('Please select a valid image');
        else if (!imageChosen && !isVideo(file.val())) {
            return failValidation('Please select a valid video file.');

        // success at this point
        // indicate success with alert for now
        alert('Valid file! Here is where you would return true to allow the form to submit normally.');
        return false; // prevent form submitting anyway - remove this in your environment


jsFiddle version here, tested in IE8, RockMelt (based on Chrome) and Firefox 7:

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