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Python Question

How to import Azure BlobService in python?

We are able to import, but not access the BlobService attribute

The documentation says to use the following import statement:

from import BlobService

But that get's the following error:

ImportError: cannot import name BlobService

We tried the following:

foo =

But that received the following error:

AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘BlobService’

We also tried all of the above with "" instead of ""

We tried updating azure-storage package but it is up to date (version 0.30.0)

We also tried uninstalling azure-storage and installing the entire azure package, but we got the same results. We tried installing them with both pip and conda, but same results both times.

I am aware that the output suggests that this version of has no BlobService attribute, but the documentation clearly states to import from there.

Answer Source

ya, if you want to use BlobService, you could install package 0.20.0, there is BlobService in that version. In the latest 0.30.0 , BlobSrvice is split into BlockBlobService, AppendBlobService, PageBlobService object, you could use BlockBlobService replace BlobService. There are many articles need to update the content.

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