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Python Question

Python parse string containing functions, lists and dicts

I'm trying to find way to parse string that can contain variable, function, list, or dict written in python syntax separated with ",". Whitespace should be usable anywhere, so split with "," when its not inside (), [] or {}.

Example string:

"variable, function1(1,3), function2([1,3],2), ['list_item_1','list_item_2'],{'dict_key_1': "dict_item_1"}"

Another example string:
"variable,function1(1, 3) , function2( [1,3],2), ['list_item_1','list_item_2'],{'dict_key_1': "dict_item_1"}"

Example output
["variable", "function1(1,3)", "function2([1,3],2)", "['list_item_1','list_item_2']", "{'dict_key_1': "dict_item_1"}"]

Reason for the code is to parse string an then run it with
exec("var = &s" % list[x])
. (yes i know this might not be recommended way to do stuff)

Answer Source

Regular expressions aren't very good for parsing the complexity of arbitrary code. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You can (unsafely) use eval to just evaluate the string as code. Or if you're trying to understand it without evaling it, you can use the ast or dis modules for various forms of inspection.

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