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C# Question

AutoMapper with prefix

I'm trying to use Automapper to map to objects, the issue is one of the objects I'm trying to map has a prefix 'Cust_' in front of all its properties and one doesn't. Is there a way to make this mapping.

For example say I have

class A
String FirstName { get; set; }
String LastName { get; set; }

class B
String Cust_FirstName { get; set; }
String Cust_LastName { get; set; }

Obviously this map won't work

AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<A, B>();
b = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<A, B>(a);

Answer Source
Mapper.Initialize(cfg =>
   cfg.CreateMap<A, B>();

A a = new A() {FirstName = "Cliff", LastName = "Mayson"};
B b = Mapper.Map<A, B>(a);

//b.Cust_FirstName is "Cliff"
//b.Cust_LastName is "Mayson"

Or alternatively:

Mapper.CreateMap<A, B>();
B b = Mapper.Map<A, B>(a);
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