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Perl with Javascript (Perlscript)*finished*

I'm finished here. Thank you all!

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It's hard to know what your problem is as you haven't actually asked a question. But I'll just point out that you have a double-quoted string that contains double quote characters. And not all of them are escaped correctly.

Perl has the qq(...) operator which makes it easier to produce double-quoted strings that contain double quote characters.

if ($lqcgi->param('sel_cl')){
    $selected_action = $lqcgi->param('sel_cl');
    print qq(<TR><script> document.write("<button type=\\"button\\" id=\\"delete\\">Delete</button>")</script>$line $ssh_command_flow User: $ENV{ REMOTE_USER }</TR>\n);

Update: You also need to double the "\"s so that they get passed through to the Javascript.

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