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Java Question

How to change a package name in Eclipse?

In Eclipse I have a simple Java project that contains a package named (default package) and inside this package I have a class

I want to rename this package into something like: com.myCompany.executabe

I tried to select the (default package) ---> right click ---> refactor but now appear to me only the single voice named: Infer generic type arguments but not the possibility to change the package name

Why? What have I to do in Eclipse to change the name of the package?



Answer Source

First you need to create package:

com.myCompany.executabe (src > right click > new > package).

Follow these steps to move the Java files to your new package.

  1. Select the Java files
  2. Right click
  3. Refactor
  4. Move
  5. Select your preferred package
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