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Why does GetDefaultCommConfig fail on windows 10

I use the following code to verify that a serial port name is valid on the computer:

typedef std::pair<StrAsc const, bool> port_pair_type;
typedef std::list<port_pair_type> port_pairs_type;
port_pairs_type pairs;
StrBin config_buffer;
port_pair_type pair(pairs.front());
// we need to get the default configuration for the port. This may
// require some fudging on the buffer size. That is why two calls
// are being made.
uint4 config_size = config_buffer.length();
StrUni temp(pair.first);
COMMCONFIG *config(reinterpret_cast<COMMCONFIG *>(config_buffer.getContents_writable()));
config->dwSize = sizeof(COMMCONFIG);
rcd = GetDefaultCommConfigW(
temp.c_str(), config, &config_size);
if(!rcd && config_buffer.length() < config_size)
config_buffer.fill(0, config_size);
config = reinterpret_cast<COMMCONFIG *>(config_buffer.getContents_writable());
config->dwSize = sizeof(COMMCONFIG);
rcd = GetDefaultCommConfigW(
reinterpret_cast<COMMCONFIG *>(config_buffer.getContents_writable()),

// if the call succeeded, we can go ahead and look at the
// configuration structure.
COMMCONFIG const *config = reinterpret_cast<COMMCONFIG const *>(
if(config->dwProviderSubType == PST_RS232)
OsException error("GetDefaultCommConfig Failed");
trace("\"%s\"", error.what());

On windows 10, when trying to confirm a serial port that uses usbser.sys, the call to GetDefaultCommConfig() is failing and the error code returned by GetLastError() is 87 (invalid parameter). As I am aware, the usbser.sys driver has been rewritten on windows 10 and I suspect that this is a problem with that driver. Does anyone else have an idea of what might be going wrong?

Answer Source

This had been a bug in usbser.sys and was fixed with the Windows 10 Update KB3124262 from 27.01.2016.

The Microsoft employee explained:

The COM port name in the HKLM\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\SERIALCOMM registry is not NULL terminated.

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Because of Windows 10's update policies this issue should not appear in the future anymore.

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