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SQL Question

Providing lookup list from R vector as SQL table for RODBC lookup

I have a list of IDs in an R vector.

IDlist <- c(23, 232, 434, 35445)

I would like to write an RODBC sqlQuery with a clause stating something like

WHERE idname IN IDlist

Do I have to read the whole table and then merge it to the idList vector within R? Or how can I provide these values to the RODBC statement, so recover only the records I'm interested in?

Note: As the list is quite long, pasting individual values into the SQL statement, as in the answer below, won't do it.


You could always construct the statement using paste

IDlist <- c(23, 232, 434, 35445)
paste("WHERE idname IN (", paste(IDlist, collapse = ", "), ")")
#[1] "WHERE idname IN ( 23, 232, 434, 35445 )"

Clearly you would need to add more to this to construct your exact statement