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Load resources in gadgets in Jira

I've made an Add-on which is a custom field.
The style of the text in the field changes depending on the properties of an issue.
I check which style should the text have in the .java file and I pass the html class in a variable called $indicator to the velocity template:

#if( ${value} )
<span class="$indicator">${value}</span>

It works perfect everywhere but in gadgets. When I add this field to a table showing issues in a dashboard, the html code is correct, but it doesn't find the css resource. This is because gadgets are inside an iframe.
How can I make the iframe have a reference to the stylesheet?

Answer Source

You did not say exactly which gadget you were using, but try adding the following context within your <web-resource> module:


The above should work for at least Assigned to Me, Filter Results, In Progress, Voted, and Watched in JIRA 6.1+.

If that does not work, you might also try:


If that general context doesn't work, you can look for which exact contexts are #requireContext'ed by the specific gadget you are trying to use, and then make sure that your web-resource is listed in that context. You can figure this out by looking at the gadget's XML and then searching for the #requireContext. (You can find the gadget XMLs inside $JIRA_DATA/plugins/.osgi-plugins/transformed-plugins/jira-gadgets-plugin-*.jar)

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