Qiang Qiang - 1 year ago 83
HTML Question

How can I create a restaurant order menu with dish options?

I'm currently working on a restaurant menu ordering website and I am stuck on adding dish options to certain dishes. I use radio buttons to let the user choose their preferred option:

<label class="option"><input type="radio" value="Ketchup"> Ketchup</label>
etc ...

Then, I have an add button which is an link with an onclick attribute which then runs a function. How can i pass the checked radio box value through the function without a form ?

Answer Source

When you click the add button, it has no idea what radio button got selected, so you can't really "pass the checked radio box vale through". What you can do though is just check the value from inside the function, if you give your radios a class that lets you reference them. With a class of say "dish", the jquery code for that would be:

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