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Angular2, child properties and elvis operator

So i have a complex date model coming from the server to feed my Angular2 component. Following shows a small part of the template for this component:

<input type="text" [(ngModel)]="Person.Address.City" />

might be
depending on the data that's returned from the server. I know that elvis operator will save me from one error:


but unfortuantely it won't save me for
as there is no elvis defined for that. You'll get a parser error if you do something like
and if you don't then you'll get the

Here are two simplest variation of data, although there can be a lot more:

LastName: 'jones',
Address: {
Street: '123 somewhere',
City: 'some land'
State: 'SL'


LastName: 'jones'

Since the responsibility of handling these scenarios should be on Angular2 rather than the server that provides the data, due to separation of presentation and business logic, how would I handle the scenario(s)?

Answer Source

So as it turns out, you either maintain 3 models, one for front-end (Angular2), one for middle tier (ASP.NET, JAVA, etc...) and another for your data model. Or you could make sure, as i did, that your middle-tier model will not have a null complex object. This means initializing complex properties inside your model and getting away with 2 models.

Also to note, if you have don't or can't modify your middle-tier model, then your only option is to create a compatible model for your front-end (Angular2) and merge as necessary once data has returned from API, service, etc..

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