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When to use Common table expression (CTE)

I have begun reading about Common table expression and cannot think of a use case where I would need to use them. They would seem to be redundant as the same can be done with derived tables. Is there something I am missing or not understanding well? Can someone give me a simple example of limitations with regular select, derived or temp table queries to make the case of CTE? Any simple examples would be highly appreciated.

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One example, if you need to reference/join the same data set multiple times you can do so by defining a CTE. Therefore, it can be a form of code re-use.

An example of self referencing is recursion: Recursive Queries Using CTE

For exciting Microsoft definitions Taken from Books Online:

A CTE can be used to:

  • Create a recursive query. For more information, see Recursive Queries Using Common Table Expressions.

  • Substitute for a view when the general use of a view is not required; that is, you do not have to store the definition in metadata.

  • Enable grouping by a column that is derived from a scalar subselect, or a function that is either not deterministic or has external access.

  • Reference the resulting table multiple times in the same statement.

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