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PyMunk does not create window - Python

I am trying to learn PyMunk library and I used the example from their website.
Here is a code:

import pymunk # Import pymunk..

space = pymunk.Space() # Create a Space which contain the simulation
space.gravity = 0,-1000 # Set its gravity

body = pymunk.Body(1,1666) # Create a Body with mass and moment
body.position = 50,100 # Set the position of the body

poly = pymunk.Poly.create_box(body) # Create a box shape and attach to body
space.add(body, poly) # Add both body and shape to the simulation

while True: # Infinite loop simulation
space.step(0.02) # Step the simulation one step forward

When I run it the window does not show up and in CMD it says:
Loading chipmunk for Windows (64bit) [C:\Users\Theo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35\lib\site-packages\pymunk\chipmunk.dll]
and does not load anything. I waited for an hour. What is the problem?

Answer Source

You should try connecting PyMunk with PyGame or PyGlet to be able to viualize any results through a window. See more here:

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