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regex to replace last two digits of an assemblyversion

I'm working with teamcity and a C# project, and I want to use the file content patcher to replace the last two digits in an assemblyversion (eg: the two stars in

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*.*")]
). I've found the docs on the file content patcher and it suggests using

if you just want to change the LAST digit, which got me partway there.

I figured if I did
it would capture the last period as it's own group, letting me replace the two stars without a problem. However it looks like the first star is still captured in the group with the 1.0 (so the group becomes 1.0.*.).

What I want is to restrict the first group to capturing the {major}.{minor}. and then have the last period be it's own group so I could do something like:
which would give me

Generally I can stumble through regex without many problems but I've been working on this for the last few hours and I can't seem to get it correct. Any information on reaching this conclusion would he appreciated.

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If you want to keep to the solution you found to replace while also validating, you may use


and replace with $1$5.%build.number%.%build.vcs.number%$7.

See the regex demo

I just unrolled the ([0-9\*]+(\.))+ into ([0-9\*]+\.[0-9\*‌​]+)\.([0-9\*]+\.[0-9‌​\*]+), 2 groups (([0-9\*]+\.[0-9\*‌​]+)) separated with a literal dot (\.). I also had to remove the [0-9\*]+ that followed the ([0-9\*]+(\.))+ pattern.

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