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Python Question

coloring cells in excel with python

I need some help here. So i have something like this

import pandas as pd
path = '/Users/arronteb/Desktop/excel/ejemplo.xlsx'
xlsx = pd.ExcelFile(path)
df = pd.read_excel(xlsx,'Sheet1')
df['is_duplicated'] = df.duplicated('#CSR')
df_nodup = df.loc[df['is_duplicated'] == False]
df_nodup.to_excel('ejemplo.xlsx', encoding='utf-8')

So basically this program load the
(ejemplo is example in Spanish, just the name of the file) into
), then checks for duplicate values in a specific column​​. It deletes the duplicates and saves the file again. That part works correctly. The problem is that instead of removing duplicates, I need highlight the cells containing them with a different color, like yellow.

Answer Source

You can create a function to do the highlighting...

def highlight_cells():
    # provide your criteria for highlighting the cells here
    return ['background-color: yellow']

And then apply your highlighting function to your dataframe...
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