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Using regex to remove empty paragraph tags <p> </p> (standard str_replace on "space" not working)

TinyMCE creates empty paragraph tags when you hit enter twice. like:

<p> </p>

Which is

In FireBug it calls this space a
but the html code/DB backend just shows a space. When I do
"str_replace('<p> </p>'....."
it doesnt find the block... basically I think the "space" is somehow not a standard space and some sort of borked encoded space. Is there a regex I can run that will remove this tag? I've been stuck on this for hours... or even something like

regex('<p>LESS THAN THREE CHARS</p>'...)

would probably work

Thank you

Answer Source

I would use:

$str = preg_replace('~<p>\s*<\/p>~i','',$str);

where \s signifies a white space of any kind (tab, space, etc.) and * indicates 0 or more occurence of this (space). So <p></p>, <p> </p>, <p>{multiple spaces here}</p> will all be replaced by an empty string. The additional i flag is for case-insensitivity, just in case <p>'s might instead be <P>'s.

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