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C# Question

What I can do to take the seconds of TimeSpan and divide by 3

var _delta_Timer_End = (_container_Left_Fim - _container_Left_Inicio);

decimal _time_End = Convert.ToDecimal(_delta_Timer_End);

velocity_Of_Container_End = (3 / _time_End.TotalSeconds);

Answer Source
        DateTime _container_Left_Inicio = DateTime.Now;
        //... Your Code that you want to measure for time
        DateTime _container_Left_Fim = DateTime.Now;

        TimeSpan timeDiff = _container_Left_Fim - _container_Left_Inicio;
        double totalSeconds = timeDiff.TotalSeconds;
        double totalSecondsDevideBy3 = totalSeconds / 3; //or 3/totalSeconds based on your need

I would just do this (instead of last three lines).

        double totalSecondsDevideBy3 = 
            (_container_Left_Fim - _container_Left_Inicio).TotalSeconds / 3;

Note that whenever you do any + or - operator on DateTime, it returns your TimeSpan. You can use this structure and get TotalSeconds.

I don't want to comment on your code as there are multiple mistakes.

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