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Correctly override setter in Objective-C

I just tried to override the standard synthesised setters of a property. So far everything is fine I just set the ivar to my new value. But then I asked myself 'what happens with the retain count of retained properties'... I found no good answer that explained this to me. So I ask it here. Is there anything I have to be aware of if I override a properties setter that is set to

and how can I do it correctly? I do not use ARC.

Here's an example:

@property(nonatomic)NSInteger number;

- (void)setNumber:(NSInteger)number {
_number = number; // This should be fine, since it's no retained object I want to set

@property(nonatomic, retain)NSObject *something;

- (void)setSomething:(NSObject *)something {
_something = something; // This is not fine. As far as I know you should never do sth. like this... But how do I set it correctly?

Answer Source
-(void) setAnObject:(NSObject*) someObject {
    if (_anObject != someObject) {
       NSObject* savedObject = _anObject;
       _anObject = [someObject retain];
       [savedObject release];

If you release the old pointer before retaining the new, you can have a situation where you're setting the value from a value in the old object, and the release of the old object causes the new object to go POOF! just before it's retained.

Alternatively, you could do

[someObject retain];
[_anObject release];
_anObject = someObject;
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