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Python Question

Why does multithreading have a Lock object?

My understanding is that threading allows in reality to have only one thread active at a time, continously switching between threads. This is useful when having IO-bound operations where the worload is effectively offloaded somewhere else (an PI, a database, ...).

If so, why is there a need for a Lock() object? There is no risk that a variable is accessed by two threads simultaneously (as it can be the case in multiprocessing) so I fail to see a real usage for locks in this context.

Answer Source

First of all, locks secure whole areas, think of updating a file:

with lock:
    with open("some_file", "r+") as f:

Even single operations like

a['b'] += 1

might lead to multiple operations (read value of a['b'], increment, write to a['b']), and need to be secured by a lock:

with lock:
    a['b'] += 1
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