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Google Sign In not working on iOS 10 Beta 7 with Xcode 8 beta 6

I have an app in the app store which worked perfectly fine till first few betas of iOS 10 (i am not exactly sure which one). It also works perfectly fine on iOS 9.3.

However I am not testing on iOS 10 beta 7 and the google sign in is completely broken. I am using the latest version of


Here's my code:

[GIDSignIn sharedInstance].clientID = [[ParseFetcher sharedInstance] getRandomParseK];
[GIDSignIn sharedInstance].delegate = sharedInstance;
[GIDSignIn sharedInstance].uiDelegate=sharedInstance;
[GIDSignIn sharedInstance].scopes = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"",@"", nil];
[[GIDSignIn sharedInstance] signIn];

This is how it looks like on device:

enter image description here

It just stays stuck like this.

If I click the refresh button at top, it tries to refresh and gets stuck here forever.

enter image description here

Clicking on the done button sends me back to my app.

There are no errors logged in the console.

However, when I run the same app on iOS 10 simulator, the
safari view controller
doesn't even open. Nothing happens at all. But the console logs this long verbose stuff out of which the following seems like the most "useful" stuff but I have no clue what's wrong:

nw_endpoint_resolver_receive_report [8 in_progress resolver (satisfied)] received child report:[8.1 waiting path (satisfied)]
2016-08-22 23:19:51.531570 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] nw_connection_endpoint_report [8.1 waiting path (satisfied)] reported event path:satisfied
2016-08-22 23:19:51.531909 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] nw_endpoint_proxy_handler_should_use_proxy Looking up proxy for hostname: <nil>, ifindex: 0
2016-08-22 23:19:51.533116 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] -[NWConcrete_nw_endpoint_flow startWithHandler:] [8.1 waiting socket-flow (satisfied)]
2016-08-22 23:19:51.533548 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] nw_endpoint_flow_setup_socket [8.1 in_progress socket-flow (satisfied)] creating socket
2016-08-22 23:19:51.534108 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] nw_endpoint_flow_attach_protocols [8.1 in_progress socket-flow (satisfied)]
2016-08-22 23:19:51.534672 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] __nwlog_err_simulate_crash simulate crash already simulated "nw_socket_set_common_sockopts setsockopt SO_NOAPNFALLBK failed: [42] Protocol not available"
2016-08-22 23:19:51.535415 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] nw_socket_set_common_sockopts setsockopt SO_NOAPNFALLBK failed: [42] Protocol not available, dumping backtrace:
[x86_64] libnetcore-856.1.8
0 libsystem_network.dylib 0x000000010c6e280e __nw_create_backtrace_string + 123
1 libnetwork.dylib 0x000000010e0d5194 nw_socket_add_input_handler + 3002
2 libnetwork.dylib 0x000000010e0b2db8 nw_endpoint_flow_attach_protocols + 3768
3 libnetwork.dylib 0x000000010e0b1dd5 nw_endpoint_flow_setup_socket + 563
4 libnetwork.dylib 0x000000010e0b0b34 -[NWConcrete_nw_endpoint_flow startWithHandler:] + 2612
5 libnetwork.dylib 0x000000010e0cbd11 nw_endpoint_handler_path_change + 1261
6 libnetwork.dylib 0x000000010e0cb740 nw_endpoint_handler_start + 570
7 libnetwork.dylib 0x000000010e0e3003 nw_endpoint_resolver_start_next_child + 2240
8 libdispatch.dylib 0x000000
2016-08-22 23:19:51.535995 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] nw_endpoint_flow_attach_protocols [8.1 in_progress socket-flow (satisfied)] Attached flow protocol
2016-08-22 23:19:51.536475 XXXXAPPNAMEXXXXXXX[4561:195631] [] nw_endpoint_resolver_receive_report [8 in_progress resolver (satisfied)] received child report:[8.1 in_progress socket-flow (satisfied)]

NOTE: iOS 9.3 works perfectly. Also happens on all devices - tested on iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s.

Answer Source

I am not sure if this is what other people are facing but I solved it by adding a [self.view layoutIfNeeded]. I know this is weird but this is what worked for me, I am myself not sure why.

I was using a custom view container inside which I was showing the Google's sign in view controller as a child. So before adding the custom view controller to the container, i had to do [self.view layoutIfNeeded] as else the view layout hadn't been set yet, so google's sdk probably uses the width/height somewhere inside.

I am not sure if this is the right solution but it seems to have fixed my issue.

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