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Silverstripe: Top.PageControllerFunction not displaying

I am using the Silverstripe Twitter module. It has a page controller function called

Which obviously displays the latest tweets.

When I add the Latest Tweets function to the
template. The tweets display. Everything works fine.

I am also using shaedawson's blocks module. I have a 'grid' block. The Grid Block has a template (
) In the Templates Folder (
). When I add
to the Grid Template, the tweets do not appear.

Can anyone explain why this is happening?

Answer Source

I figured this out. The reason why the "Latest Tweets" function was not appearing on my template, was because I had to extend Block_Controller

I added the following to my 'extension.yml' file:

    - TwitterExtension

I would like to be able to 'include' the "Twitter Feed" template in my Grid Template. However this works and will do for now.

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