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Compiled Golang executable extension for OS X

What extension should I use for Golang executable intended to run on OS X?

As far as I understand it is not important because there are user rights as on Linux which make some file executable, but what is the convention if it is not .dmg file, just one executable file, so user knows that it is probably executable?

I don't have OS X. Application is cross-compiled on Linux.

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The convention for OSX applications is this: one DMG containing a .app executable and a shortcut to /Applications for the user to drag to. Since you can't do this, I recommend you provide a download to the .app executable directly and instruct users to move it to /Applications on your download site.

This is only true for download-it-run-it applications. For applications which are run via the terminal, simply don't use an extension and use a shebang line to tell what application should be executing the file.

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