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parallel file parsing, multiple CPU cores

I asked a related but very general question earlier (see especially this response).

This question is very specific. This is all the code I care about:

result = {}
for line in open('input.txt'):
key, value = parse(line)
result[key] = value

The function
is completely self-contained (i.e., doesn't use any shared resources).

I have Intel i7-920 CPU (4 cores, 8 threads; I think the threads are more relevant, but I'm not sure).

What can I do to make my program use all the parallel capabilities of this CPU?

I assume I can open this file for reading in 8 different threads without much performance penalty since disk access time is small relative to the total time.

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cPython does not provide the threading model you are looking for easily. You can get something similar using the multiprocessing module and a process pool

such a solution could look something like this:

def worker(lines):
    """Make a dict out of the parsed, supplied lines"""
    result = {}
    for line in lines.split('\n'):
        k, v = parse(line)
        result[k] = v
    return result

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # configurable options.  different values may work better.
    numthreads = 8
    numlines = 100

    lines = open('input.txt').readlines()

    # create the process pool
    pool = multiprocessing.Pool(processes=numthreads)

    # map the list of lines into a list of result dicts
    result_list =, 
        (lines[line:line+numlines] for line in xrange(0,len(lines),numlines) ) )

    # reduce the result dicts into a single dict
    result = {}
    map(result.update, result_list)