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Python Question

Putting a list in the same order as another list

There's a bunch of questions that are phrased similarly, but I was unable to find one that actually mapped to my intended semantics.

There are two lists,

, and I want to rearrange
so that it is in the same relative order as
- the maximum element of
is in the same position as the current position of the maximum element of
, and the same for the minimum element, and so on.

Note that
is not sorted, nor do I want it to be.

As an example, if the following were input:

a = [7, 14, 0, 9, 19, 9]
b = [45, 42, 0, 1, -1, 0]

I want the output to be
[0, 42, -1, 0, 45, 1]

Please note that the intended output is not
[0, 45, 1, 0, 42, -1]
, which is what it would be it you zipped the two and sorted by
and took the resulting elements of
(this is what all of the other questions I looked at wanted).

Here's my code:

def get_swaps(x):
out = []

if len(x) <= 1:
return out

y = x[:]
n = -1

while len(y) != 1:
pos = y.index(max(y))
y[pos] = y[-1]
out.append((pos, n))
n -= 1

return out

def apply_swaps_in_reverse(x, swaps):
out = x[:]
for swap in swaps[::-1]:
orig, new = swap
out[orig], out[new] = out[new], out[orig]
return out

def reorder(a, b):
return apply_swaps_in_reverse(sorted(b), get_swaps(a))

The approach is basically to construct a list of the swaps necessary to sort
via selection sort, sort
, and then apply those swaps in reverse. This works, but is pretty slow (and is fairly confusing, as well). Is there a better approach to this?

Answer Source
a = [7, 14, 0, 9, 19, 9]
b = [45, 42, 0, 1, -1, 0]
print zip(*sorted(zip(sorted(b), sorted(enumerate(a), key=lambda x:x[1])), key=lambda x: x[1][0]))[0]
#or, for 3.x:
print(list(zip(*sorted(zip(sorted(b), sorted(enumerate(a), key=lambda x:x[1])), key=lambda x: x[1][0])))[0])


(0, 42, -1, 0, 45, 1)

You sort a, using enumerate to keep track of each item's original index. You zip the result with sorted(b), then re-sort the whole thing based on a's original indices. Then you call zip once more to extract just b's values.

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