kukipei kukipei - 2 years ago 154
Javascript Question

Jquery limit text in input box

I want to limit number of chars in input text field.

Code I'm using:

function limitText(field, maxChar){
if ($(field).val().length > maxChar){
$(field).val($(field).val().substr(0, maxChar));

Event is onkeyup.
When I type some text in input field cursor stays on the end of text but focus is backed on start of the text so I can't see cursor.

What can be a problem.

Browser is FF, on IE and chrome it is working correctly

Answer Source

you can also do it like this:

<input type="text" name="usrname" maxlength="10" />

to achieve this with jQuery, you can do this:

function limitText(field, maxChar){
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