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ArrayList initialized/accessed using Singleton class

I am using an ArrayList in my application.

I would like to know the exact procedure to initialize my ArrayList from a Singleton class.

The data will be used in some other Activities.

Can anybody help to know about Singleton class?

Answer Source

Here is how to create your singleton class :

    public class YourSingleton  {  

        private static YourSingleton mInstance;
        private ArrayList<String> list = null;

        public static YourSingleton getInstance() {
            if(mInstance == null)
                mInstance = new YourSingleton();

            return mInstance;

        private YourSingleton() {
          list = new ArrayList<String>();
        // retrieve array from anywhere
        public ArrayList<String> getArray() {
         return this.list;
        //Add element to array
        public void addToArray(String value) {

Anywhere you need to call your arrayList just do :


To add elements to array use :

 YourSingleton.getInstance().addToArray("first value"); 


YourSingleton.getInstance().getArray().add("any value"); 
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