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Cant instantiate a PUBLIC class, Android studio says it's not public

I want to use the BluetoothA2DPSink service in android,
it's a hidden class but I built a modified SDK and ROM and now Android studio can see it.
The problem is I can't use it, whenever i try
'BluetoothA2DPSink sink = new BluetoothA2DPSink()'
I get this error: "BluetoothA2DPSink() is not public in 'android.bluetooth.BluetoothA2dpSink'. Connot be accesed from outside package".
I verified it and it is in fact public:
"public final class BluetoothA2dpSink implements BluetoothProfile{..."
How can I use its methods?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer Source

If you pasted your error message correctly, the problem is not with the class, but with the constructor. Note the parentheses in "BluetoothA2DPSink() is not public in 'android.bluetooth.BluetoothA2dpSink'. Connot be accesed from outside package" — that is a reference to a constructor, not a class. Make sure the zero-argument constructor is public.

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