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VueJS - trouble understanding .$set and .$add

I am trying to build an array of objects in VueJS and I am running into some issues with


For example, I need the following structure when adding new items/objects:

"attendees": {
"a32iaaidASDI": {
"name": "Jane Doe",
"userToken": "a32iaaidASDI",
"agencies": [
"name": "Foo Co"

New objects are added in response to an AJAX call that returns JSON formatted the same as above. Here is my Vue instance:

var vm = new Vue({
el: '#trainingContainer',
data: {
attending: false,
attendees: {}
methods: {
setParticipantAttending: function(data)
if (data.attending)
this.attendees.$add(data.userToken, data);
} else {

This only works if I start with
attendees: {}
in my
but when I try
after adding an attendee, I receive
. If I use
attendees: []
, the new object does not appear to be added. And lastly, if I use
.$set(data.userToken, data)
it does not add in the
format required.

What could be the issue here? What is the correct way to use
when starting with an empty array of objects?


I found that it works if I set
attendees: {}
and then, when adding a new object,

if (data.userToken in this.attendees) {
this.attendees.$set(data.userToken, data);
} else {
this.attendees.$add(data.userToken, data);

Not sure if there is a better way to accomplish this.

Answer Source

If you set attendees to an empty object ({}) it will not have a length attribute. That attribute is on Arrays.

If you set attendees to an empty array ([]) then you need to use $set (or really, I think you want .push()) – $add is intended for use on objects not on arrays.

I'm not quite following your last question – could you add more context?

More information here:


Responding to your update, you should be able to just use $set in all cases. I.e. just do this:

this.attendees.$set(data.userToken, data);
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