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Changing url using javascript and jquery

Hello there

I am developing a jQuery plugin that loads files through ajax. When user clicks on a button which is:

<button class='btn btn-info' data-load="ajax" data-file="ajax/login.html" >Login</button>

When user clicks on button it generates following url:


I want to change it to


My javascript is:

(function ($) {
$.fn.ajaxLoad = function (options) {
var settings = $.extend({
fileUrl : 'null',
loadOn : '.em'

}, options);
$('[data-load="ajax"]').each(function(index, el) {
$(this).click(function () {
var file = $(this).attr('data-file');
var loadOn = $(this).attr('data-load-on');
var permission = $(this).attr("data-ask-permission");
settings.fileUrl = file;
settings.loadOn = loadOn;
if (permission == 'yes') {
var ask = confirm("Do you want to load file");
if (ask == true) {
}else {
$.fn.loadFile = function () {
// setting location;
var a = settings.fileUrl.split(".");
location.hash = a[0];
$.post(settings.fileUrl, function(response) {

Can anyone tell me how to change url in jquery and Javascript.

Answer Source

Added another attribute title to button

<button data-title="login" class='btn btn-info' data-load="ajax" data-file="ajax/login.html" >Login</button>

In Js (after $(this).click line):

var title = $(this).attr('data-title');
settings.title = title

Just replace

location.hash = a[0];


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