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SQL Select Posts Where Keywords Matches the Users Interests

I'm currently experiencing some technical difficulties with my blog web app. I wanna make a Discover page where users can find new posts based on there interests. I will accomplish this by adding keywords to these posts. That way I can just select the posts where the interests from the user and the post keywords matches. I've now realized that I have wandered into deep waters.

After a lot of researching, I've now decided to share my problem and maybe get some guidance. I have 4 tables, "users", "posts", "keywords", "interests". The "keywords" table contains "post_id" and "keyword_value". The "interests" table contains "user_id" and "interest_value".

Now, how can I select the posts from "posts" table where the keywords connected to the post matches the interests that are connected to current user.

Thanks in advance. All response are appreciated.



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It would have been very helpful if you had provided some data as well. I suspect that you have described your tables wrong - I think you meant that the keywords table has post_id and keyword_value and the interests table has user_id and interest_value. If that's the case, then this query should work:

FROM posts
WHERE post_id IN (
        SELECT post_id
        FROM keywords
        WHERE keyword_value IN (
                SELECT interest_value
                FROM interests
                WHERE user_id = @userId

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