Vinay Vinay - 4 years ago 133
Android Question

Start Facebook Chat with Another user using Facebook ID

Is there any way to start a facebook chat using the messenger application. I know we can lead a user to the messenger application using intents and using their Messenger API. But I want to do is open a chat window directly with particular user using the facebook User Id.
Is that possible?

I found this post
Android Facebook sdk messaging ID mismatch
I couldn't really find much else and I was hoping the new messenger API might support that kind of an interaction?

Answer Source

The answer is in the first comment of the other thread: That solution does not work with App Scoped IDs, and you don´t get the real IDs anymore. Even if it would be possible, you can only get App Scoped IDs of friends who authorized your App too. Meaning, it´s impossible.

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