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Java Question

Java RRD library

I came across two options when googling my way over the internet:

  • JRobin

  • RRD4J

JRobin seems to be really outdated. The latest release of JRobin is 1.5.9 (released on 05/09/2008), since RRD4J is a port of JRobin they are kind of the same. I tried using RRD4J but somehow RRDTool does not recognise the files produced, so I did not bother trying JRobin.

My question is, whether there are any alternatives to these libraries? I don't want to use JNI or calling the rrdtool binaries manually.

Answer Source

There seems to be even an other one : java-rrd. i don't have the slightest idea of its advancement state.

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