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Stopping Supervisor doesn't stop Celery workers

How do I ensure sub-processes are stopped when I stop Supervisord?

I'm using Supervisord to run two Celery workers. The command for each worker is:

command=/usr/local/myapp/src/manage.py celery worker --concurrency=1 --loglevel=INFO

When I start supervisord, they run perfectly, but when I run
sudo service supervisord stop
, it reports my workers stop:

celery_1: stopped
celery_2: stopped

However, when I run
ps aux | grep celery
I see they're still running:

www-data 27667 0.0 1.5 318420 64360 ? S 10:45 0:00 manage.py celery worker --concurrency=1 --loglevel=INFO
www-data 27668 0.0 1.5 318420 318416 ? S 10:45 0:00 manage.py celery worker --concurrency=1 --loglevel=INFO

Answer Source

i believe stopping the supervisor service stops the supervisor daemon, not the supervisor process that is managing your celeryworkers

supervisorctl stop all should allow you stop the workers, and also allow you to start/restart them


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